Chapel Allerton Hospital
Chapel Allerton Hospital is located in the area of Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England and is operated by the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. The main entrance is on Chapeltown Road, with vehicle exits onto Harehills Lane and Newton Road. It does not have an Accident and Emergency service, but includes the Chapel Allerton Orthopaedic Centre (CHOC) which is a major regional centre of expertise for this specialism, and a National Demonstration Centre for Neurological Rehabilitation. The hospital was founded in 1927, to care for war casualties from World War I, under the then Ministry of Pensions, to replace the military hospital at Beckett Park. It was opened by Princess Mary The hospital was built in the grounds of Gledhow Grove mansion, and the mansion was also used. In 1953 the hospital was transferred to the Ministry of Health and developed as a general hospital. In 1975 the Newton Green Wing was opened in purpose-built buildings on the opposite, south, side of Harehills Lane. New accommodation for the whole hospital was added on this site 1992-1994, and opened by the Duchess of Kent. The old hospital buildings were demolished, the Grade II listed mansion has been left derelict with new housing built in the grounds. The hospital also has a 24/7 radio station, Radio Allerton, which has broadcast to both staff and patients since 1978.

Building Activity

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