Château de Bostfranchet

The ruins of the Château de Bostfranchet can be found on the Bostfranchet estate in the Viverols canton of the Puy-de-Dôme département, France.

Occupied from the 12th century by the Pelet family, originally from the Narbonnais region, Bostfranchet is the cradle of the Beaufranchet (or Pelet de Beaufranchet) family. A manor house there was fortified under Charles I, Duke of Bourbon; walls, fortified towers and ditches were built.

All that remains now is a ruined tower of the castle. A farm occupies the main space. The arms of the Beaufranchet family can be seen carved into a stone well in the central courtyard.

Origin of name

From "bost" (le bois = wood) and "francha" (franc = exempt from taxes)