CGI Animation Studio
El- Alamein City is th e future extension for Alexandria and for the north coast in Egypt. This project was part of the future planning for this area as many other projects to make El-Alamein 2050 City. El-Alamein has a big history and many people all over the world came to visit one of the places of the world war two. So there must be a city with all facilities and entertainments possible for the visitors to spend a good time, for that all and to make an new city able to take the capacity of million citizen, it became a must to put on a planning and studies to build up the future city 2050. This city will provide many job opportunities. Most of the jobs nowadays depend on graphics as: architects need graphics for visualizations of their projects, civil engineers to imagine connections, advertising, even dentists need graphics to show patient his teeth renovation, cinema this days is mainly graphics ...etc. This project focuses on the the computer graphics and animation production. The project consists of four zones. The main zone for the 3D and the 2D studios, beside the ateliers fro the storyboard and prototype models and characters. The second zone for the gallery and exhibition to show the visitors the production and projects processes. The third zone is a cinema for the work team and invited artists and graphic designers to watch and judge the animation produced.

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