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CentrO is part of a large commercial development in Oberhausen, Germany, called the "Neue Mitte" or "new center". A large steel production plant used to occupy the site until the late 1980s. Besides the CentrO shopping mall the area today houses attractions such as a children's theme park and a water-lined boulevard with restaurants and pubs. Planet Hollywood briefly occupied a space in the mall before the company went bankrupt and abruptly closed many stores, including the one in CentrO. The mall was based on Meadowhall, a large shopping centre in Sheffield, England (both malls had the same developer). It is often claimed that CentrO is the largest shopping mall on the continent, but at approximately 70,000 m², it is not even the largest in the region. CentrO is however notable because it signifies the transformation of Oberhausen from an industry-based to a services-based economy and has become a role model for other German cities.

The development was rather controversial, with neighbouring municipalities opposing the project, fearing a loss of sales in their city centers.

The Gasometer, a 100-meter tall former gas storage container come museum, is open to the public and a short walk from CentrO.

Getting to CentrO

CentrO is easily accessible by both road and public transport. By road, take the A42 and turn off at OB-Osterfeld/Neue Mitte, or follow the signs. CentrO is very well signposted. To get there by public transport from Oberhausen Hbf (Hauptbahnhof) go to Terminal 1 outside the Hbf and take ANY bus or tram to Neue Mitte. The following buses and trams stop at "Neue Mitte": SB90 (SB is the short form of "Schnellbus" which means express-bus), SB91, SB92, SB93, SB 96, tram 112, buses 185, 939, 953, 957, NE1 (NE is the short form of Nacht-Express which means Night-Express), NE2, NE4, NE6, NE10, NE11, NE12, NE21. This huge amount of buses stopping at "Neue Mitte" underlines the importance of the CentrO which is supposed to be reached easily by everyone.

GPS Latitude: 51°29'24.18"N Longitude: 6°52'43.96"E

GPS Address Centroallee 46047 Oberhausen, DE

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