Centre récréo-nautique de la baie de beauport

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Centre récréo-nautique de la baie de beauport
The enhancement of the Beauport Bay is the result of the government’s aspiration to encourage and facilitate public access to the St-Lawrence River and to amalgamate the site as a training centre for nautical activities. The redevelopment of this fantastic site is based on the findings derived from a consultation process. The collected information allowed for the review of various development strategies and ultimately the adoption of well defined architectural program. Due to its new, year-round, vocation the Beauport’s Bay installations must satisfy the needs of various functions within the seasons. In order to fulfill the requirements of the various functions such as strolling on the beach, ornithology, wind and kite surfing, sailing and ice canoeing, they are housed in five individual buildings instead of one complex. This solution facilitates the planning of the related exterior spaces such as the beach, sports field and parking. With respect to panoramic view of the river and the intrinsic natural qualities of the site, the design of the buildings is kept simple in its form and composition. The layout of many small scale buildings allows for a minimization of a buildings’ footprint. Each of the buildings was designed with a cantilevered structural slab that follows the perimeter of the building thus giving them a floating appearance. This particular design also allows for transom lighting giving an impression of airiness. In order to reflect the marine activities of Beauport Bay, the buildings resemble cargo containers in their shape and their exterior cladding. They seem to have been transported along the Saint Lawrence and have come to rest on the site. The building dedicate to windsurfing activities has been divided into areas for sport equipment storage and showers. The main building is the most versatile within the site. The mezzanine level houses the offices for the Beauport Bay Nautical Association this area overlooks the main hall which accommodates the expositions and receptions. The large terrace draws a panoramic view onto the Orleans Island. The sailing school is adjacent to the exterior boat shed, essentially it groups classrooms for 50 000 students each summer and office spaces. The boat shed is used for the storage of boats during the winter months and ground keeping equipment. In order to meet safety requirements, the “watch tower` building is strategically located on the waterfront. It is divided into different zones dedicated to first aid services, wet rooms and locker rooms.


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