Central Tower
Central Tower is a 91 m (299 ft) 21 floor of office building at Market- and Third-Streets in San Francisco, California. The building has undergone numerous renovations since its completion in 1898 as the Call Building and later, the Spreckels Building.

The building first housed the San Francisco Call and was named accordingly until the newspaper's merger in 1913. It was then called the Spreckles Building after the newspaper's owner John D. Spreckels, and his father Claus Spreckels. The building originally stood 315 feet (96 m) tall with an ornate baroque dome and four corner cupolas when construction finished in 1898. Due to its height, the building stood as the tallest building in both San Francisco and west of the Mississippi River for many years. However, eight years later, the structure was badly burned and damaged by the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, although the building did not collapse. After the fire, The Call reopened its offices at new location, The Montgomery. Later, in 1938, Albert Roller completely refurbished Central Tower. The building's height was reduced to 298 feet (91 m) and the number of stories was increased from 15 to 21. In addition, the original ornate dome and the cupolas on the top of the building were removed.

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