Central Los Angeles Area High School

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Central Los Angeles Area High School

Located at the edge of downtown Los Angeles on a 9.8 acre site on Grand Avenue the High School for the Visual and Performing Arts was to be the flagship school for the LAUSD and part of the downtown Los Angeles cultural corridor together with existing noteworthy cultural buildings such as MOCA, the Disney Concert Hall, the Colburn School of Music, the Music Center and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels. The design responds to this task with a campus marked by architectural signs of symbolic value, a tower as sign for the arts which provides a new landmark in the city and serves as point of identification for the students, a public lobby, which creates the public entrance to the school and renders it as part of the Grand Avenue cultural corridor, and the library as the “Space of Knowledge` in the center of the campus. All three sculptural building can be seen from the main school entrance via a 80’ wide grand stair. Responding to the existing 40’ grade differential of the site the campus is divided into three plateaus with the seven buildings defining and securing their perimeter and serving as transitional elements between them. The Arts High School will exemplify LAUSD’s model of Small Learning Communities. About 450 students each will populate facilities for Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music and Dance with classrooms, studio and administrative spaces tailored to the specific needs of the respective art community. Shared spaces are grouped around the main school courtyard consisting of the library, a public 950 seat performing arts theater with stage, backstage, black box and amphitheater, a cafeteria, administrations spaces, science rooms, and on the highest plateau playing fields, gym and outdoor pool.


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