Central Fire Station Vienna Am Hof

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Central Fire Station Vienna Am Hof

Total renovation central fire station Am Hof Vienna


The historic headquarters of the main fire station in Vienna’s inner city is comprised of three buildings, one of which was built in 1731 by Anton Johann Ospel and another which was constructed in 1727-1730 by Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt, the architect of the Belvedere Palace. The structures’ historically protected status and their corner location between the Platz am Hof and the Tiefer Graben initially presented challenges for the renovation of the complex into a modern fire department complete with a museum, reception rooms, offices and operational areas. The height difference of up to two floors between the front and back of the complex made it possible to construct two vehicle depots on separate levels. The Hildebrandt building located at Am Hof no. 7 functions mainly as a museum and event hall. In an effort to provide barrier-free access to the museum on the first (upper) floor, a new main entrance was constructed to the right of the vehicle depot on the ground floor. The main façade of the building remains unchanged. The existing inner courtyard on the ground and first (upper) floors was superstructed in order to provide ample space for the museum and event level. A new vehicle depot was built on the second existing “basement” level; its exit is situated on the Tiefer Graben. The building located at Am Hof no. 9 has been extensively redesigned for office use. The entrance area with its porter’s loge has been extended. The offices and meeting rooms on each of the upper floors have been newly designed with the public in mind. The building located at Am Hof no. 10 is the largest of the three structures and will serve as the firehouse. It is a genuine historic “arsenal” with a large inner courtyard with spaces that are closed to the public and which can be used to store technical equipment. Sleeping quarters have been set up on the top floors for the on-call staff. In order to create the necessary floor space, the attic was enlarged along the back section facing the Zwinger court and is illuminated by a series of dormer windows. Additional recreation rooms and facilities for the firefighters who work here around the clock have been set up on the levels below. A detached simple, glass pavilion dining hall with a café terrace in front has been erected as a separate structure in the rear third of building no. 10’s courtyard. The complex’s protected status dictated the arrangement of the building.


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