Cenerino boutique
It’s thoughtful that someone was kind enough to take into consideration the needs of our little friends especially when the store is addressed to their needs. Rarely, architects and shop owners take the time to think of the little ones who drive us crazy, yet with just one smile they’ve got us in their innocent little world.

Andrea Tognon and his design team along with Vittorio Cenere (the client) analyzed the needs of addressing to Cenerino’s target market, the young ones and their parent!

As you have already understood this store is a children’s store selling Cenerino clothes. The design concept of the store was developed through analyzing functionality, perception and the demonstrative aspect. Tognon and his design team went through a series of careful analysis to adjust the entire shop to the client; from the shop exterior to the interiors. He and his design team took a peak into the children’s world through an adult’s point of view. Tognon managed to raise the importance of small objects by raising the level of the pavement and by constructing a ramp and small steps which as a result re-proportioned the space of the shop which was long and narrow. Through abstract design of oversized toys Tognon designed simple wooden volumes which are covered with colorful mirrors used as display furniture. Colorful mirrors paravan’s are used as fitting rooms, as they hint the game of hide-and-seek! Long luminous shelves were placed along the walls as they expand and illuminate the space while providing support for clothing and toys. The rose colored window glass blends with the external light and the blue colored walls giving off a unique atmosphere. When all the elements of this kids store combine a
space with delicate childhood memories remain in our feelings. Cenerino store was designed with the four basic environmental needs that children have; movement, comfort competence and control. !


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