CBC Sports Centre
CBC BOKSBURG Working within an institution, with an established formal language and fabric, demands a definitive position. The relationship between sport and academia had to be re-evaluated. This dynamism is portrayed in both the physical posture of the structure, and the stance of the facility within the fabric of the school. The building would not act as a “blender`, adapting to an existing genre, but as a refresher, removed from academia; an instigator that would awaken new possibilities and shift paradigms. Dust storms from nearby mine dumps (common in the Boksburg area) cause problems for outdoor activities. Christian Brothers College commissioned an indoor sports hall as part of a multi-phase directive to meet their sport requirements. The intervention is oriented East–West with the northern facade acting as both an opaque branding opportunity and a screen, blocking direct sunlight onto the cricket pitches. The transparent southern facade allows sufficient daylight to enter, eliminating the need for artificial lighting. The roof slope stimulates natural convection while accentuating interior zoning. The volume opens away from the batsman – the motion suggested in the forced perspective. A sense of interconnectedness is achieved by the main ramp perforating the southern façade before leading into the gym area. This overlapping circulation route creates a unified spatial experience. Materials were kept bare and robust. The building is legible and expresses the energy, tension and dynamic associated with sport. We believe by providing a building that fosters pride; the children will take tenure and develop a sense of value and ownership.


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