Cathedral of Saint Francis de Sales

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Cathedral of Saint Francis de Sales

The Cathedral of Saint Francis de Sales is the Cathedral Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Baker, located in Baker City, Oregon, United States. Constructed in 1906–08 of local volcanic tuff, the cathedral was renovated on several occasions, most recently in mid-2007. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Baker consists of all of Oregon east of the Cascade Range.

Renovations and additions

The first renovation happened in 1944, when stenciled designs were painted in the sanctuary and apse. The Diocesan offices were added in 1956 between the cathedral and the rectory, which was built circa 1908 after the cathedral was finished. In 1958, during the second renovation, the main altar was preserved, but the stenciling was covered up and two sacristies were removed. During the third renovation in 1980, a screen was installed in the sanctuary and the tabernacle moved to the side. The fourth renovation began in 2007.

Stained glass windows

Stained glass windows were installed in 1923, 1958, and 1965.


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