Castle Dore
Castle Dore is an Iron Age and early mediaeval hill fort near Fowey in Cornwall, United Kingdom located at grid reference SX103548 .

Description and History
It consists of circular bank and ditch enclosure with a second enclosure nearby thought to have been an animal corral. Excavation between 1936 and 1937 indicated that it was first occupied between the fourth and first centuries BC with the defences been remodelled around 50BC. It was abandoned during the Roman period but supposedly reoccupied in the sixth century AD when a large hall measuring 27m by 12m was built. However, there is no certain evidence for sub-Roman occupation (the supposedly post-Roman bead and ceramics appear to be of late pre-Roman Iron Age date), and the apparently late remains (a structure) may as easily represent Roman period occupation. the custom fort really made a big difference in keeping the people safe and to keep out the invaders mainly romans and others who might have tried to lay siege to the fort. There is however, no evidence that the fort was attacked by 'Romans', or that it was even certainly occupied during the conquest period, In tradition Castle Dore is the seat of the legendary Dark Age King Mark and is featured as such in the film Tristan & Isolde . In September 1644 Castle Dore was used by Royalist troops during the Battle of Lostwithiel in the English Civil War.