Castel Henriette
Castel Henriette was located on rue des Sevres Binelli and was commissioned by Mrs. Hefty. It included a villa, cottage, garage and a fountain. Each facade is autonomous, driven by an endless whirl with a lookout at the top. Threatening to collapse the gazebo was destroyed in 1903. Guimard then made ​​some changes, especially on the front street Binelli, where bow-window was added. Abandoned after the Second World War the Castel served as a movie decor: The Metamorphosis of woodlice Pierre Granier-Deferre in 1965, 'What's New Pussycat? Clive Donner in 1965, The Flea in the ear of Jacques Charon in 1968, no wonder Michel Mitrani, and La Ronde in 1963 by Roger Vadim in 1964. A press campaign has tried to postpone the decision to demolish it in 1969 but to no avail. André Malraux, minister of culture, did not understand its real architectural value and the castle was demolished in April 1969. In 1971 Hector Guimard at the Museum of Decorative Arts organized the first exhibition in France where remnants of the Castel Henriette were exhibited. (exhibition also Belgian artists Victor Horta and Van de Velde)

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