Cass Motor Sales

Cass Motor Sales is a commercial building located at 5800 Cass Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.


Cass Motor Sales was established in 1925 as a Chrysler car dealership; this building was constructed three years later in 1928. The company sold Marmon Motor Company vehicles. The building is three stories, and was designed as an integrated showroom, sales office, and service center.

The building is now owned by Dagleish Cadillac; their main facilities are just north of this building on Cass Avenue.


The Cass Motor Sales is a three story structure, typifying Art Deco architecture as applied to commercial buildings. Noticeable Art Deco features include the arch above the entrance and second story windows. The building once had an attractive facade of black marble and colored plates.

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