Casa Zimbabwe
Casa Zimbabwe, commonly referred to as CZ, is a student housing cooperative in Berkeley, California housing 124 residents. It is part of the Berkeley Student Cooperative (BSC) co-op system. Located at 2422 Ridge Road, the house is a block from the center of the northern edge of the University of California, Berkeley campus. The brown stucco fortress overlooks North Gate, and the two accessible roofs provide a view of San Francisco, the East Bay, the Berkeley Hills, and most of campus. It sits on Northside atop Holy Hill, the area in the vicinity of a five-way intersection surrounded on all sides by churches and seminaries. The BSC central office and central kitchen are located within the Casa Zimbabwe building, but they only connect to the main residential area by a few doors. The residents of Casa Zimbabwe are affectionately referred to as Czars.

When CZ opened in 1966, it was known as "Ridge Project" since it shares its lot with Ridge House, another BSC cooperative. Ridge Project was one of the first instances of co-ed housing on the Berkeley campus. In 1987, the house residents successfully petitioned to change the house name to its current one, originally intended as a parody of some alternative exotic-sounding proposals. In the spring of 2001, the residents voted during house council to change the house name to Krakistan (though this has never been recognized by anyone outside of the house). Casa Zimbabwe closed December 19, 2006 in order to perform major seismic retrofitting work. The house reopened August 23, 2007.

The residents of CZ are the members of the cooperative. Each member pays rent in addition to contributing five hours of work per week. CZ holds a weekly council meeting where members gather to discuss house business.

While every other BSC house was a pre-existing structure eventually converted into a co-op, CZ is unique in that it was built with the specific intent of being used as a cooperative living space. The house is divided into three segments. Residents' rooms are located in the east and west wings (known as the "10s" and the "100s" for the room numbering scheme used), both of which are connected in the middle by two stories of wide open common space. Forty solar panels were installed on the CZ roof in 1979. The panels supply hot water to the building.