Casa Golfe
This house is located inside of a golf club, where it is not allowed to build more residences. The original house was condemned and the new one had to follow the area limits of the last one. The house hovers suspended above a green carpet, amidst the trees which bound it and configure a space for living. The lot boundaries do not exist. The program was developed to attend the needs of a couple who eventually work at home. It is distributed in one single floor elevated 40 cm above the ground isolating the house from the extremely humid soil. This facilitates the installation of plumbing systems. The bedroom area is turned to the front side and integrates the topless terrace through wooden doors. The opposite view to the garden belongs to the social area with big sliding doors opening to the glass roof terrace. The one-piece thermo-acoustic trapezoidal rooftop and the apparent structural steel frame collaborates to make the house looks like a warehouse. The continuous window, supported by the metal beam, makes the rooftop looks detach from the house, allowing light and air while tying the entire house perimeter, sealed here with glass, or there with wooden brises, elsewhere with both elements. In the interior, the social area has a wooden ceiling following the inclination of the roof. Some of the top windows can be opened to create more ventilation. The ceiling of the bedroom area is different, it is a plain concrete surface separated from the roof living some air space in between. In addition there is an open wooden frame to guarantee constant ventilation to keep the temperature comfortable in all weather conditions.


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