Casa en el Bosque
Mexican architectural firm Parque Humano have designed the Casa en el Bosque (House in the Forest) in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. The house is located in Valle de Bravo, Estado de Mexico, Mexico (19°11’33” N 100°07’50” O), weather ranges from 33°C to -2°C. The plot faces Avándaro Lake and the protected forest area of Cerro Gordo, rich in pine and oak trees. For the concept of this project, we asked ourselves whether or not we were capable of building a house that would respect nature to the fullest and forge a connection with the building’s surroundings (without speaking of energy, sustainability, and ecology), and that through its impact and experience would generate that same respect for the natural world. To do so, we have taken advantage of the slope of the land in order to create visual connections at different elevations with the existing vegetation and landscape beyond. The site is a splendid plot covering 3,500 m2 with rich and var...


15 photos and 6 drawings