Casa del Sol
CASA DEL SOL..."There are just three voices to brake the purity of silence: love, music and poetry, architecture has them all"...with this project we try to put together art, natural environment, shelter and human life. The future house is set in the middle of the Mexican Caribbean, in the tourist city of Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, México, surrounded for a topical jungle, because of that it has a mix of vacation and everyday living. We have provide all areas with a special and unique character for a maximum soul stimulation and facilitation of life activities. There is a balance of form and function, aesthetics and nature, cost and construction system. The house takes into account for its composition, the sun, the wind, the rain and the forest. The project is 220 SQ Meters, and the following areas: First floor…entrance porch, corridor, stairs, living room, dining room, kitchen and breakfast lounge, laundry and service room, open car parking, terraces and fountains. Second floor…stairs, hallway, master bedroom, master bathroom, balcony, bedroom 1, bathroom 1, bedroom 2, bathroom 2. Roof floor…stairs, solarium and equipments, solar panels and satellite services. The composition tries to provoke your senses and your mind through a pleasant walk starting with the welcome at the porch, double height, trees and flowers, and a crown of sculptures showing you the respect of nature and the merging magic and meanings of art affinity and complementation, then you pass through the gate, receiving a soft light from window and Clair-obscure glimpses of the rest of the house, increasing the mystery sensation and curiosity, you can decide in your walk whether to continue ahead or just go up to the second floor … continuing forward arrives to a oasis for encounters, chatting and knowing each other, the living room, 3.00 in height, windows, water, flowers and trees, lots of light and adjacent to the joyful area of sharing, tastes, senses and energy restoration, the dining room and kitchen, a love alchemy premises … all linked in the exterior for wooden deck terraces, fountains, nature, flora and fauna, light and refreshing wind. On the second floor, arrival deck, labyrinth to the individual sanctuaries for meditation, intuition, resting giving thanks, where the dreams come out, opening windows to the infinitum … in the night of the gods … Solarium, a delightful encounter with nature, sun, wind, water and rain, sculptures, color, art paints, senses of freedom. We are convince that `Beauty is not just for contemplation, but for everyday life`… and also not just for rich is for everyone, Architecture has a big responsibility on human life, we vote to encourage the soul through beautiful buildings and the preservation of the environment which result in beautiful and efficient cities, and a better human beings.


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