Casa de Tierra

The project is developed through the idea of a house/studio with a local sense of material. The construction is made from rammed earth walls and concrete floors and ceilings, all raw finished and with little apparent intervention in the finish.

The 162m2 program is solved by interconnecting the different functions of the house through a lobby area and services. The volumes show themselves closed to the access area and opened to the south views. The bedrooms, located at north, have plenty of privacy from the rest of the house while the studio and social area are divided by a courtyard that links the terraces of the project and provides views of the southern mountains and a landscape of great yellow and green tones.

Due to the isolation of the site, the house has 100% solar energy and collects the served and rainwater. The properties of the rammed earth walls achieve an interior temperature comfortable during the day and night, thus avoiding heating costs by artificial means.


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