Casa de Aveleda
AVELEDA´S HOUSE The perfect synergy of functionality and experience! Designed in Braga, Aveleda´s House is a villa designed to accommodate the light as a source of inner experience of housing. The basic idea of the project, parts from the concept of being located in Bracara Augustae, where the ancient Roman houses, the Domus, were built around an internal square. Hence all the subtlety of the house is achieved with a careful distribution. "... We tried to take the most of the land to create a connection with the interior of the building, leaving a view of the valley and the square that exists between the two bodies housing ...`, highlights Manuel Ribeiro, architect and author of the project responsible for its implementation. The main body which houses the social functions of the house is situated at an elevation of the square, assuming the sloping ground with the Hall high comparatively to the social part and creating a view of all from this same Hall; the social area involves the room in open space, the kitchen and bathroom service. Down below the architect created the gym´s area and the office. The private area with 4 bedrooms (1 suite and 3 rooms) and health facility support is at the elevation of the entrance hall, raised highly in comparison to the quota of the external square, without losing the visual field. On the square that is outside, we can find the pool that reminds us the "compluvium" of a Domus Romana, centered on two areas of housing. The engine room, the locker room and a kitchen to support the outdoor activities, are located in a lower bound in relation to the square, in a way to create a distinction between the two recreational areas. "... The plasticity of the object HOUSE (purpose built) will always be overridden by the phenomenological aspect, giving identity and character to the building and so, it’s able now to provide a center of life, functional and familiar at the same time that explores the pleasure of landscapes, spacious zones and materials. This will not be only a "home", but always a Domus. All the project intends to explore the human being as well as it senses: touch, sight, smell, hearing, taste and passion. These are aspects that never been neglected. On the contrary, they are always present… `, he concludes.


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