Casa 11 Mujeres
Photographer Cristobal Palma has sent us these images of Casa 11 Mujeres (Eleven Women House), a cliff-top house near Santiago in Chile by architect Mathias Klotz. Designed as a holiday home to accommodate a family with eleven daughters, the house is built on a 45 degree slope. Here’s some more information from Mathias Klotz: – “ELEVEN WOMAN” house is a vacation home at Beranda. It stands on a site sloping down to Cachagua beach on the Pacific, 140 kilometers north of Santiago, Chile. The brief was to provide a second home laid out on three levels for a couple with eleven daughters whose ages range from four to twenty, and to provide all services, a master bedroom, and spaces for entertaining and guests. The site is on terrain with a steep slope (about 45 degrees), which offers a splendid view of the beach. The three stories are laid out as follows: the plinth is used for the shared spaced and includes a games room and TV room; the intermediate level contains the bedrooms of the eleven daughters, as well as two living rooms for different age groups; the upper level contains the services, the master bed...


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