Carter-Finley Stadium is home to the North Carolina State University Wolfpack football team. It was opened in 1966 and now has a seating capacity of 57,583 seats.

The stadium replaced the obsolete on-campus Riddick Stadium and was originally named Carter Stadium, in honor of Harry C. & Wilbert J. "Nick" Carter, both graduates of the university. They were major contributors to the original building of the stadium. The name of Albert E. Finley, another major contributor to the University, was added in 1978.

While located on University land, the stadium is a few miles to the west of the academic campus on Trinity Road, just off of Hillsborough Street.

Carter-Finley Stadium's season tickets have been sold out for nine straight years.

Carter-Finley Stadium has the smallest clearance between the stands and the sidelines of any stadium in the ACC.

Prior to the 2001 season, the university began a program of modernization of the stadium by enclosing the southern endzone with seats, and the state-of-the-art Murphy Center (named for Wendell Murphy) was built behind it. Following the 2004 football season, Carter-Finley was again expanded with the completion of the "Vaughn Towers", a complex of luxury boxes, club seats, and media facilities which opened for the 2005 football season.

For the 2006 season, a new north end zone grandstand was added consisting of 5,730 new chairback, bench, and handicap-accessible seating with another 1,630 permanent bleacher seats built underneath the video scoreboard making Carter-Finley a bowl and giving it a capacity of 57,583 spectators. Additional upgrades to the stadium included a new north end zone plaza with concession stands and the addition of two video screens in each corner of the south endzone.

Retired numbers displayed on the west facade of Carter-Finley Stadium include those of Roman Gabriel (18), Torry Holt (81), Philip Rivers (17), Bill Yoest (63), Dennis Byrd (77), Dick Christy (40), Jim Ritcher (51), and Ted Brown (23). Carter-Finley also displays banners from NC State's Bowl appearances which include the Gator Bowl, Peach Bowl and Liberty Bowl.

On October 3, 2009, the stadium hosted a concert by U2 & their opening band Muse, during their 360° Tour. This was the first time the venue had hosted a similar event, since the modernization of the stadium.

On July 28, 2011 the World Football Challenge held an exhibition match between Juventus of Itay's Serie A,and Guadalajara Chivas of Mexico's Primera Division at the stadium.

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