Cardboard Cafe

The London Design Festival which takes place every year has become an important event for both architecture and design. Alongside other established designers including the likes of Tom Dixon, B3 Designers participated in making the London Design Festival a destination event that attracts architects and designers from around the world.

The cardboard café was an exercise in creating a high impact architectural interior design with minimal materials. Made out of 8000 cardboard boxes edged with fluorescent orange, the undulating structure spills out of the studio space into the street, fringed by two towering arches. The entire seating and table arrangement also used cardboard to its full effect.

The café served coffee and cup cakes during the festival weekend and also served as a bar on the opening night when cardboard cocktails were served. The opening grouped together a mix of designers, students, journalists, architects and artists and attracted interest from Casa Décor, Elle Decoration, Frame, FX and Wallpaper.

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