Caracas Symphony Complex

FIRST PRIZE. Project in progress - Caracas, Venezuela 2010-2016
Public competition for the preliminary design of the Simon Bolivar International Complex for Social Action through Music (CIASMSB) and its surrounding urban area.

3 modular concert halls of 1700, 1300 and 500 seats. One of which is adjustable up to receive 400 musicians. Music conservatory: Rehearsal rooms, classrooms. Restaurant and cafeteria, musicians’ dorms, administrative offices, outdoor amphitheaters. Parking.

The competition was organized by The FESNOJIV, a government-funded organization aimed at systematizing music education and promoting the collective practice of music through symphony orchestras and chorus as a means of social organization and communitarian development, and the CAF (Andean Development Corporation) a financial institution that supports sustainable development and regional integration in Latin America.

The proposals were evaluated by an international jury composed of José Antonio Abreu, director of the FESNOJIV, Yasuhisa Toyota, the Japanese acoustician, Iñaki Abalos, Spanish architect, Anita de la Rosa, landscape architect, Lorenzo González Casas, urban planner architect, Eduardo Guzmán, representing the Libertador Town Hall and Omar Seijas, vice-president of the Colegio de Arquitectos de Venezuela. Substitute members of the jury were: Pedro Franco, architect and Paola Posani, representing the Libertador Town Hall.

The FESNOJIV is internationally recognized as a unique and distinguished program based on the social characteristics of musical training, thus contributing to the development of potential future for the children of Venezuela and Latin America. By promoting cultural development, the Foundation raises the hope of social and professional integration.

The competition, jointly organized by CAF and FESNOJIV, consists in the design of the International Complex for Social Action through Music Simón Bolívar. This symphonic complex will complement the existing complex located in the Amador Bendayán Boulevard, along the northern boundary of Los Caobos Park, in the cultural center of Caracas.

The CIASMSB consists of two units: a music conservatory and the concert halls. The conservatory includes classrooms, large rehearsal rooms and individual rehearsal cubicles. The modular concert halls consist of a first hall of 1700 seats (200 singers) and another hall of 1300 seats (400 singers). A third room with 500 seats shares functions between concerts and rehearsals. The remaining program includes administration, musicians’ residencies, restaurant and cafeteria, media center, and parking areas. The total constructed area is over 36000m 2.




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