Car Park in Abu Dhabi
Location: AbuDhabi / United Arab Emirates Client: Arabian Capital Investments – U.A.E. The Program: The Site is a 2000 sqm plot; The Building consists of a Services Ground floor, 3 floors with 324 automated car parking spaces and a Roof park Building Components & Description: Design Concept The municipality of Abu Dhabi is allocating plots in the city to maximize parking spaces. Our client a manufacturer or automated car park, the design proposed is to convert automated parking into parks and green spaces that not only give oxygen, but provide green space for the community and the green walls will compensate adjacent buildings from blocking the view to providing one. As these structures spread in the city, they will reduce the CO2 of cars parking and produce oxygen for breathing. The idea is to provide additional services on the ground floor such as environmentally friendly car washing services, café and waiting areas. The vertical circulation is encased in an LED glass block wall to generate income from advertising and this income will be used to maintain the garden. The “car parks’ will encourage more pedestrian activities, while camouflaging the sea of cars, it will reduce the green island effect by substituting black asphalt with lush greenery. The structures are steel and are designer to be dismantled and relocated should the city require using the land for a project and the vegetation can be reused, hence the structure is acting like a nursery as well. Car+Park is a prototype that if approved can be duplicated on more than 40 potential sites in the city.


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