Car Park Erika
Car Park Erika, Malmö, Sweden Can a parking garage be designed to make an attractive contribution to the cityscape? Answer: yes! In this project we had the advantage of having designed the neighbouring office block and were able to create an ensemble. We chose to work with contrasts: The office block´s stable concrete walls provided the opportunity to work with “lightweight` materials. White glass boxes surround the parking garage and break down the scale of a large monofunctional volume. By day, the white glass sparkles but at night the building´s coloured ceilings mean that the building changes character completely. At street level there is a gym, adding a vibrant ambience to the street environment. The building will have a variety of vegetation to create a pleasant atmosphere for the users. The ground floor will be covered with green, with a few openings (from the gym) scattered around the facades. The interior of the building as well has a green feature in its light atrium, where greenery is climbing up thus allowing light and green in the heart of the garage. The materials used for the structure is precast concrete. The facade consist to 50 % of white enameled glass sheets with aluminium frames painted white. The other half of tilted sheets of aluminium, perforated to ensure the ventilation in the facility and still create a screen from the weather. The facade is held by a steel structure not visible from the outside. The building is nominated for the City of Malmös annual architecture prize in 2010.


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