Captain Cook Bridge, Brisbane
The Captain Cook Bridge is a motorway bridge over the Brisbane River in Brisbane, Australia. It was built exclusively for vehicular traffic and was opened in 1972. The bridge crosses at the South Brisbane Reach of the river, linking Gardens Point to Woolloongabba. Captain Cook Bridge actually consists of two separate bridges, one for each direction of traffic. The bridge carries four lanes of traffic in either direction and links the M3 Pacific Motorway to the M3 Riverside Expressway. At the time of completion the main span of 183 m held the world record for this type of structure for a period of 3 months, when it was superseded by the Harama Bridge in Japan (241 m). The structure is Queensland's busiest traffic bridge with more than 1 million vehicles crossing it weekly in 2007. Downstream from the Captain Cook Bridge is the Story Bridge, while the Goodwill Bridge is the next crossing upstream. Concerns were raised in 2007 about the structure's integrity after it was revealed that contractors who attached a gantry to the bridge had drilled numerous holes which had damaged steel reinforcement bars. After investigations were completed it was concluded that the damage was insignificant as only 57 vertical steel bars out of 21000 had been cut.

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