Capt. Nathaniel Hayden House

The Captain Nathaniel Hayden House is a historic home in Windsor, Connecticut.

Captain Hayden

Nathaniel Hayden, son of Nathaniel Hayden, was born December 14, 1738. He first married Anna Flier, then Rhoda Lyman.

With Rhoda, he had four children: Nancy, Nathaniel Lyman, Naomi and Pliny.

He went to work with his father as a farmer and a shoemaker, but joined the Revoutionary Army. When news of the Battle of Lexington reached Connecticut, he led 23 men to Massachusetts to take part.

When George Washington evacuated New York City during the Battle of Long Island in 1776, Hayden was with the army. He also led a group in 1777 to thwart John Burgoyne's efforts to join the British at Saratoga, but Burgoyne had surrendered before he arrived.

The House

The Captain Nathaniel Hayden House is located at 128 Hayden Station Road in Windsor, Connecticut.

The home was inherited by Captain Hayden's son Nathaniel. It was occupied by him, his wife Lucretia, and their children. "They occupied the spacious brick house built by their father. The tannery and the shoemaker's shop were unoccupied, and they then gave their undivided attention to their farm..."

It was then passed down to Nathaniel Lyman Hayden Junior, born in 1805, who died there in 1875 after many years of traveling as a banker and living in South Carolina and New York City. According to his obituary, "In disposition he was retiring and averse to public notice, and only those who knew him intimately could fully appreciate his generous nature and rare qualities of mind and heart."

The house continues to be a private residence.