Cape Borda
Cape Borda is a headland with a lighthouse on the west coast of Kangaroo Island, South Australia and is situated 70 kilometres west from the town of Kingscote.

Cape Borda Lightstation
Cape Borda Lightstation was built in 1858 and is the third oldest remaining and only square stone lighthouse in South Australia. The Lighthouse was built to guide ships travelling along the Roaring Forties trade route heading into the Investigator Strait towards Port Adelaide. Originally there was no road linking Cape Borda to the rest of Kangaroo Island and all supplies had to be hauled up from ships via a steep steel railway at Harvey's Return then taken to the Lighthouse every three months. Its focal plane is situated at a height of 155 metres, the light characteristic is a group of four white flashes that occurs every 20 seconds. The lightstation was automated in 1989 and is still fully operational. In 1999 the original fog signal cannon was restored, today it is fired daily at 12:30 hours. The Lightstation and surrounding cottages are looked after by Parks SA while the top floor of the lightstation and the light itself is the property of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. Visitors are able to go on tours of the lighthouse and stay in the surrounding cottages.