Campolide park - The Urban Room

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Campolide park - The Urban Room

Following a design competition in 2001, Mossessian led the masterplan for this significant central Lisbon
development. The goal was to combine all the proposed open spaces into one larger public space: the  urban Room. The Urban Room, unlike private courtyards or gardens, is open to its surroundings and provides a major public space for the city. This masterplan reinvigorates the European classical model, in which an abundance of grand public spaces was a central part of the urban experience. The Urban Room also respects the informal character of Lisbon and is designed on a pedestrian sale in contrast to the vehicular streets nearby.

The buildings which serve as a badzdrop to the Urban Room resonate with the sober repetitions of simple, white architectonicfeatures which characterises Lisbon architecture. A playful relationship is created between the strong rhythmicelements such as the balconies overlooking the square and the repetitive modulation of window frames on the residential blodrs. The development features 400 residential units, 64.000 sq m of office, 7.000 sq m of retail/recreational space and a Contemporary Art Ephemsal Museum as well as a private and public park below ground.

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