The Campo Argentino del Polo, popularly known as the 'Cathedral of Polo', is a multi-purpose stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is currently used mostly for polo, pato and field hockey matches and hosted matches for the 1978 World Hockey Cup. The stadium, opened in 1918, holds up to 30,000 people and is located in Palermo on Libertador Avenue, close to Las Cañitas. This is a unique polo field, situated ten minutes away from downtown Buenos Aires, and home to the Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo, the most important polo event in the world, held there since 1928. The field is also the most complete, modern and comfortable for spectators in the sport, even though it was inaugurated in 1918. The Campo de Polo was one of the venues for the 1950 Olympic Games, and the America's Polo Cup ( Copa de las Américas) has taken place there on numerous occasions. In this classic match, the best team from Argentina plays against the best one from the United States. From one of its fields, on December 5, 1907, Argentine socialite Aaron de Anchorena took off to Uruguay with local aviator Jorge Newbery in what would become the first balloon flight over the Rí­o de la Plata. In recent times, the stadium has been used for concerts and other public events.