Camino Real International Bridge

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Camino Real International Bridge

The Camino Real International Bridge is an international bridge which crosses the Rio Grande connecting the United States-Mexico border cities of Eagle Pass, Texas and Piedras Negras, Coahuila. The bridge is also known as "Eagle Pass-Piedras Negras International Bridge II", "Puente Dos", "Puente Camino Real" and "Puente Internacional Coahuila 2000".


The American part of the Camino Real International Bridge is owned and managed by the City of Eagle Pass. The Mexican part is owned and managed by Caminos y Puentes Federales de Ingresos y Servicios Conexos (CAPUFE), the Mexican federal toll road and bridge authority. The bridge was originally constructed on September 24, 1999. The bridge is six lanes and 82 feet (25 m) wide by 1,384 feet (422 m) long and includes two six-foot sidewalks for pedestrians.


The international bridge is located half-mile south of the Eagle Pass-Piedras Negras International Bridge and immediately north of an international railroad bridge, the American part of which is owned by Union Pacific and the Mexican part owned by the Mexican federal government and concessioned to Ferromex.

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