Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute

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Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute
Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute is a public secondary school in Kitchener, Ontario. It is part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. The school is located at 301 Charles St. E. Kitchener, Ontario. It is also part of the Waterloo Region District School Board. The school is also one of only two secondary schools in Ontario with its own campus radio station. The school is the one of the most culturally diverse schools in Waterloo Region. Cameron is also one of the most populous schools in the region, largely due to the popularity of the IB program.

IB program
The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is a challenging two-year curriculum, primarily aimed at students aged 16 to 19. The IB Diploma is widely recognized by the world’s leading universities. However, substantial quality and quantity of school work is required to retain an acceptable grade, thus leading to a high attrition rate among students. Students no longer in the full diploma program may choose to take only certain IB "certificates" or to drop the program entirely. One of the criticisms of Cameron's IB program is the restricted course offerings available to students.

Sports and clubs
The school's facilities include a 25m swimming pool, triple gym, weight room, football field, soccer/field hockey field, tennis court, and baseball field. The school's teams are known as the Golden Gaels, and Cameron's mascot is Scotty, the Golden Gael. There is also a variety of clubs, including ballroom dancing, DECA Business club, and the Student Activities Council (SAC). The school also has a radio station known as "88.5 Gail FM", and provides radio shows daily for the school (morning, and lunch time). The CHCI Debate Team is particularly active, attending Nationals and North Americans four years running. CHCI student Sarah Balakrishnan won the prestigious Oxford Cup in November 2009. The Multicultural Club also puts on a multi-cultural show every year that draws hundreds of spectators from around the KW area. The school has achieved many athletic accomplishments, including 5 straight WCSSAA track and field championships, 5 consecutive CWOSSA appearances for the senior boys curling team, 5 WCSSAA titles in 6 years for the cross country team, as well as OFSAA gold by badminton and tennis athletes. The Gael football team also has a reputation for strong results. Most recently, the senior Gaels' were WCSSAA finalists, being defeated 31-17 in the finals by Waterloo Collegiate Institution, marking their second consecutive 2nd place finish.

The school was built in 1967. At the time, it was the largest secondary school built in Ontario in one phase. At the front entrance to the school is a tall three-arch portico constructed out of stainless steel. There are two datestones by the entrance, one of which is inscribed "1867" (Canada's year of confederacy).

The school is located near the Charles Street Transit Terminal, making commuting easy via intercity buses and regional Grand River Transit buses.

Notable alumni
  • Lennox Lewis, former heavyweight boxing champion
  • Bernie Ruoff, CFL All-Star Football Player
  • Rich Beddoe, drummer for rock group Finger Eleven
  • Liza Fromer, journalist
  • Jonathon Pitman, founder of Applauz Media Solutions
  • Dub J, famous record producer and founder of Q It Up Records
  • Katryna Stemmler, co-founder of NGO Step-by-Step
  • Kimberly Joy Peters, author
  • Andrew Kenneth Martin, actor, director, photographer, cinematographer and visual artist
  • Scott Stevens, NHL All-Star Hockey Player
  • Aaron Wilson, lacrosse player for the NLL
  • Robbyn Hermitage, badminton player
  • Colleen Rusholme Radio Broadcaster