Cambridge & County Folk Museum

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Cambridge & County Folk Museum

Coordinates: 52°12′39″N 0°06′53″E / 52.210781°N 0.114755°E / 52.210781; 0.114755

The Cambridge & County Folk Museum is a museum located in Castle Street in central Cambridge, England. It is housed in eight rooms in the former White Horse Inn, a public house that closed in 1934. The museum presents the lives of the people of Cambridge and its surrounding area in the county of Cambridgeshire from 1700 onwards. The collection includes objects covering applied art, coins, costumes, decorative art, fine art, hobbies, law and order, medals, medicine, music, social history, textiles and toys.

The museum is supported by Cambridge City Council, the National Lottery, through the Heritage Lottery Fund, and two local organisations:

  • the Cambridge 800 Committee, a registered charity founded in 2006, whose aims are "to help ensure the future of the Cambridge and County Folk Museum so that it can be enjoyed by future generations, especially children."
  • the Friends of the Folk Museum, whose separate short term fund-raising provides specific items for the Museum.

The museum was shortlisted for the 2006 Gulbenkian Prize.