Caledonian Stadium
The Caledonian Stadium, currently known as the Tulloch Caledonian Stadium for sponsorship reasons, is an association football stadium situated in the Longman area of Inverness, Scotland. The stadium plays host to the home matches of Scottish Premier League team Inverness Caledonian Thistle.

Inverness Caledonian Thistle was formed in 1994 by the merging of two Highland Football League clubs, Inverness Caledonian and Inverness Thistle Originally, Caley Thistle (as Inverness Caledonian Thistle are also known) played their home matches at Telford Street Park. However, one of the conditions of their acceptance into the Scottish Football League was that they would move to a newly-built ground within their first few seasons. Constructions on the ground begun in 1995 and in November 1996, the ground hosted its first SFL match: a 1”“1 draw between Caley Thistle and Albion Rovers. When the club won the First Division in 2004, they faced a problem in that the Caledonian Stadium did not meet the SPL's rules on stadium criteria. As a result, the club groundshared with Aberdeen at Pittodrie for the first half of the 2004”“05 season, while redevelopment works were carried out at the Caledonian Stadium.

The redevelopment in 2004”“05 included the construction of two new stands at either end of the ground, which made the stadium all-seater and increased its capacity to over 7,500. These stands were built in a remarkable 47 days by the Tulloch Construction Company who are also the club's biggest shareholder. As Tulloch also paid part of the development cost, the stadium had the Tulloch name added to it on completion of the work. The club added a very small stand, opposite the Main Stand called "the West Stand." With a capacity of around 400, the stand was the smallest free-standing football stand in the Scottish Premier League. There are plans to build a full scale west-stand which would look very much like that of the Main Stand though a gas pipe in the area may cause a problem. If a full scale west stand was added to would take the capacity of the ground to around 10,000 seats. There may also be plans in the future to join the Main Stand with the North Stand to give the ground an even larger capacity.


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