Cairo Expo City

CAIRO EXPO CITY Cairo, Egypt 2009–TBC Render © Zaha Hadid Architects PROGRAM: Exhibition & Conference Centre with Hotel, Offices, Retail. CLIENT: GOIEF, Egypt SIZE: Area: 473400 (exhibition halls, conference centre and mixed use) Towers: 31 & 33 storeys CONCEPT: Zaha Hadid Architects’ proposal for Cairo Expo City delivers an iconic architectural vision for a unique facility for Cairo, a city for Exhibitions and Conference between downtown Cairo and the airport. The project comprises a major international exhibition and conference centre with business hotel. In addition to the above two offi ce towers and a shopping mall are proposed, creating a rich ensemble of diverse functions which caters for multiple audiences and activates the site across different times and days of the week. The urban strategy of the Cairo Expo pursues the idea of creating a homogeneous urban cluster mass that adapts to the site boundaries. Analysing the brief, we have understood the scale of the project in terms of the connectivity points and the program distribution. We have proposed a carving of the urban mass into smaller clusters that can work as individual buildings and have their own massing features, however relating to part of the overall design. This concept is driven and inspired by the Nile delta that has pumped the life in to Egypt. On Cairo Expo City site the carving and sculpturing process starts from this artery, running through the site, connecting the north to south. Secondary streams formed by crowd movements toward the site converge all to the centre. The designed movement of people within these streams also start to form and adjust the building entrances on the site. The horizontal expansion of the Exhibition Centre is balanced by introducing a three vertical elements, in the form of towers; the Hotel, and two offices towers, at the northern part of the site, overlooking Salah Salem Street. The fluidity of the landscaped spaces feed the undulating vortex forms of the Cairo Expo City buildings. In particular, vortex lines and fi elds of the landscape merge into the patterned skin of the individual buildings, nature resonates throughout this site. COMPUTER RENDERS: Render © Zaha Hadid Architects Render © Zaha Hadid Architects Render © Zaha Hadid Architects VIDEO: Video © Zaha Hadid Architects ARCHITECT: ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS DESIGN: Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher PROJECT DIRECTOR: Charles Walker PROJECT ARCHITECT: Viviana Muscettola, Michele Pasca di Magliano SITE SUPERVISION TEAM: Anja Simons, Paolo Matteuzzi, Mario Mattia PROJECT TEAM: Kutbuddin Nadiadi, Tariq Khayyat, Ludovico Lombardi, Effi e Kuan, Loreto Flores, Bianca Cheung, Feng Lin, Dominiki Dadatsi, Hee Seung Lee, Annarita Papeschi, Dawna Houchin, Monica Noguero, Rafael Contreras, Maria Araya, Fernando Poucell, David Campos, Seda Zirek CONSULTANTS: STRUCTURAL/M&E: Buro Happold, (London, UK) QS: Gleeds (London, UK) TRAFFIC/LOGISTICS: Buro Happold, (London, UK)


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