Büro North Christmas Trees


Beyond good looks, the Buro Trees have been designed and made with a far smaller ecological footprint. And if you buy one, your Christmas footprint continues to shrink when you reuse your tree year after year. While the pine tree sure looks lovely and smells like Christmas tradition, the darker side is that it takes five times the energy and water to grow each year according to an independent audit. When it comes the time to haul your pine tree out onto the footpath, it goes onto create landfill and the cycle of wasteful consumption continues…

The Buro Trees are made with 100% environmentally considered ingredients. To make the Buro Trees, a low-energy production technique has been used and waste material minimised.

The Trees can be flat-packed for ultimate transporting and storage convenience and lower transport emissions. So we’re not asking you 
to give up your Christmas icon, we’re just offering a much more sustainable way to celebrate...

Speaking of celebrating, the Christmas Tree most of us know (Norwegian Spruce), actually originated from the Pagan Winter Festival which became a part of the Christian calendar. So our three trees take their inspiration from the three wives of pagan God Odin, the father of all gods in Norse mythology... We bring you Rindd, Gryder and Frigg.

The Rindd Buro Tree was the proud recipient of a Premiers Design award in 2008.


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