The development consists of a 5-star hotel, service apartments, apartments and retail aimed at utilizing the potential synergy of a mixed-use development creating a destination of the highest international standards. 

The site is fronting King Fahed Street in Riyahd just North of the Northern Ring road. This is a strategic location with the city developing towards the North and King Fahed Street being the main artery for large commercial developments. The new Western ring road will link the development to the affluent residential areas and the diplomatic quarter.

The site area is 19,336 sqm with 128 m frontage of King Fahed Street .  

Site coverage of 35% is allowed. There are no set-back requirement for basements but 6m to 8m setbacks from site boundary above ground level. There is no height limit and the FAR is 5.

The orientation of the site is East to West with open views across King Fahed Street to the West. The site is an island so views are relatively controlled.

The parking strategy is to simplify the circulation & control the bays (stalls) from being used by visitors. The two basement parking levels are split into dedicated parking for residents, offices & retail & hotel staff on B2 & visitors parking to the hotel, retail, offices & apartments on B1 and L1. Secured VIP parking enclosures are provided with drivers lounge and car wash.

The main orientation of the tower is East-West giving maximum impact when viewed from King Fahed Street. Due to its elliptical shape the tower has the least façade area facing the West and East to reduce heat gain. The main view of the tower is from South driving to the development from the city center or from the airport via the Northern ring road.

The tower is located relatively central on the site to optimize open views from the tower since developments on neighboring sites are not controlled by zoning plans.

The site is an island, which allows for easy traffic flow. The access road to the hotel and ballroom entrance is off King Fahed Street, the address of the development. The apartments have a drop off facing the Northern side road and there is a retail entrance facing the Southern side road. Deliveries occur from the back road facing East. 

The hotel entrance faces South making it a sunny uplifting place, ideal according to Fengshui. A large elevated 4 lane roundabout plaza with a central fountain celebrates the arrival. Valet parking is made easy with short routes between drop-off and parking in basements.

The ballroom entrance is reached from the hotel drop-off via a ceremonial ramp that is lit at night and is visible from King Fahed Street. The drop-off plaza is similar to the hotel, with a central fountain and valet parking.

The hotel drop-off will be manned to guide the traffic to the ballroom drop-off, so that cars do not turn in past the hotel entrance.

Building Activity

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