Building for Secondary School
Building for Secondary School – Imola - Italia The site plan individuated for the school, is a big green lung, with spaces devoted to sports and free time. The main design’s target , it’s been to realize an example building of environmental susteinability for the entire citizenship, and for the end users. Two sticks that offset and lightly rotate between them, for a three levels height, sheltering classrooms, laboratories, library, refectory and offices for 450 schoolboys. Solar radiation picking up is the main style instrument to drawing the building, managing the integration between the edifice and the several active solar technologies. Strategies and technologies for air-conditioning and energy production: - annual energy needing reduction: for heating (insulation increasing and outgoing heat recovering); for cooling (sunny control, solar factor of glasses and screenings, thermal inertia); - heating: low temperature radiant terminals (district heating and water solar panels); ventilation air pre-heating (solar and indirect geothermal); - forced ventilation controlled and hybrid with natural extraction; - cooling: structural nightly natural ventilation and daily indirect ventilation (horizontal geothermal energy, solar cooling); - control and regulation systems, based upon the internal micro-climatic conditions, with programmed behaviour; - photovoltaic system predisposition for 50 kwe power peak; - strategies and technologies to reduce drinkable water use; - drinkable water needing reduction; - rainwater recovery and use. Using dry and stratified building technologies increasing reuse and recycling opportunities. Structural system based upon plate floors made in post tensed ferroconcrete, assuring the thermal masses needed for nightly natural cooling, while the dry option is for the external covering.


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