Buffalo Museum of Science
Buffalo Museum of Science is a science museum located at Martin Luther King, Jr. Park in Buffalo, New York USA, northeast of the downtown district, near the Kensington Expressway. The historic building was designed by August Esenwein and James A. Johnson and opened in 1929. The attractions include animals, astronomy, the science of technology, and more about science.


Connections is an interactive gallery featuring 90 minute sessions that allow visitors to experience hands-on learning. Programs include exploring interconnectedness of all things, types of energy, cyclic patterns in the universe, the worlds of color and light, the water cycle, nature's biodiversity, and rocks and minerals.

Explorations is an interactive gallery for children aged 2 to 7 featuring new themes every month.

Dinosaurs & Co.
Dinosaurs & Co. is a collection of fossils organized into four sections: The Early Seas, Conquest of the Land, The Age of Dinosaurs and The Age of Mammals. Specimens include 50-million-year-old birds, feathers and flowers, the earliest known land plant, a trilobite trapped in a seashell nearly 400 million years ago, a cast of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull, a Triceratops cast, and Allosaurus fragilis.

Our Place in Space
Our Place is Space features an astronomy gallery with five different themed areas. Areas include the subjects of the neighboring planets and constellations, meteorites, a look at earth from space, and earth's movement around the sun.

Whem Ankh: The Cycle of Life in Ancient Egypt
Whem Ankh is an exhibit displaying artifacts from the daily life as lived on the banks of the lower Nile River 2,200 years ago. Over 250 artifacts are included in the collection, including the mummies of Nes-hor and of Nes-min, priests in the temple of the Egyptian fertility god Min, and the coffin of Djed-hor-ef-ankh.

Marchand Hall of Wildflowers
The Marchand Hall of Wildflowers displays several species of plant life collected throughout several years by naturalists George and Paul Marchand.

Gems and Minerals
Gems and minerals is an exhibit exploring crystal structure and chemical composition of the mineral heritage of Western New York, New York State, and Ontario.

Zoology is an exhibit exploring birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.


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