Buenos Aires Hilton

The Buenos Aires Hilton is a five star hotel in the Argentine capital.


The establishment is located in the city's Puerto Madero section.

The hotel was designed by Mario Roberto Álvarez, constructed by local developer Benito Roggio at a cost of around US$80 million, and inaugurated in December 1999. The seven-story hotel includes 417 rooms and enjoys proximity to the Fortabat Art Collection (an important local museum), as well as to the financial district. Other amenities include El Faro Restaurant, El Mosto Wine Bar, bakeries and a convention center.

The hotel collaborated with U.S. toymaker Mattel in 2007 to redesign a number of its rooms thematically, resulting in a 'Barbie' and a 'Hot Wheels' room. Recent prominent guests at the hotel have included former U.S. President Bill Clinton (who hosted a Clinton Global Initiative conference there) and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford (visiting the city for pleasure).

In popular culture
  • The hotel featured prominently in the famous 2000 film Nueve Reinas
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