Brunton Park
Brunton Park is a football stadium and the home of Carlisle United F.C. It is situated in the city of Carlisle, Cumbria and has a capacity of 16,980. The ground opened in 1909. Brunton Park's grandstand burned down in 1953 and the stadium flooded completely in 2005. Brunton Park is split into four separate stands; The Warwick Road End, The East Stand, The Main (West) Stand and The Petteril End, which remains closed unless exceptionally large crowds are in attendance.

Paddock / Main (West) Stand
Accommodating the clubs offices and changing rooms, the West Stand is regarded as the main stand at Brunton Park. It features a paddock terrace running the length of the pitch as a lower tier. On the above tier is seating, this area is known as the family stand. Capacity: c. 6,000

Petteril (Waterworks) End
The only uncovered stand in the ground. Mainly a terrace although a small number of seats have been installed at the eastern end of the stand. Usually closed unless exceptionally large crowds expected, but can hold home or away supporters if needed. Capacity: c. 2,000

Warwick Road End
The most distinctive of the four stands at Brunton Park, it is situated at the southern end of the stadium. Although currently called the 'Unison Stand' under a sponsorship deal, it is still passionately known as 'The Warwick' to most Carlisle fans. It is terraced and houses the most vocal supporters on match day. Capacity: c. 3,500

East Stand
Currently named 'The Story Homes Stand', it's a single-tiered cantilevar stand. Although having been constructed a number of years ago, the club still haven't completed the interior of the stand, thus the spaces at the top of the stand for executive boxes still stand empty. One peculiar thing fans may have noticed when visiting the ground is that the stand actually runs 20yrds past the goal line at the Northern end of the pitch. This is because the club had erected the stand with a view of moving the pitch further northwards so a new stand at the southern end of the ground could also be built. These plan never materialised though, and the problem still stands today. Capacity: c. 6,000

Length: 104 metres (114yards) Width: 67 metres (74yards)

Record Attendance: 27,500 (Carlisle- Birmingham City, 5 January 1957, FA Cup 3rd Round 27,500 (Carlisle- Middlesbrough F.C, 7th February 1970, FA Cup 5th Round Record Gate Receipts: £146,000 (Carlisle- Tottenham Hotspur, 30 September 1997, Coca Cola Cup 2nd Round

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