Brunswick Dock

Brunswick Dock is a dock, on the River Mersey and part of the Port of Liverpool. It is situated in the southern dock system, connected to Coburg Dock to the north, Toxteth Dock to the south. The dock was opened in 1832, designed by Jesse Hartley, specifically as a timber dock. It consisted of two lock entrances from the river.

In 1854, Cato, Miller & Company built ships at Brunswick Dock.

The Royal Navy Headquarters (RNHQ) Merseyside is on Brunswick Dock, which includes the HMS Eaglet establishment of the Royal Naval Reserve. As of 2009, the Archer class patrol vessels HMS Biter and HMS Charger are based in the dock.

This and the other docks in the southern system are owned by British Waterways, with part of the dock is set aside for moorings.