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It is quite rare to see a successful collaboration of two great designers each from a different firm that has been tested through time, and keeps going with great outcomes. This recipe is a success that has been working since the 80’s for Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz and Brian E. Boyle. Their latest creation is a 6.700 sqf private residence at Hamptons, Long Island, (NY), which has been
designed to accommodate many guests in great welcoming spaces but also incorporate private spaces for the owners. This pavilion like structure is created in a  U shape plan that is broken up into different buildings according to their use. The majestic master suite is situated in one whole wing while the breakfast room together with the sunroom (which also functions as the quasi pool house) is in another wing. This project is a delight to people that love to host.  
The oversized entrance of the residence makes you understand from the very beginning that you are about to enter a grandeur interior that does not fall short of any expectations. By the height of the door rising higher then the surrounding fence you feel like you are entering a castle or should we say the Great Wall of China. The landscape also plays a very strong role in this pavilion. The residence is surrounded by a beautiful garden which takes you back to the old ages thinking of the rich greenery in
mazes, but at the same time tones it down to a simplified form through the loose lines of the furniture. This contrast is ideal,
making you focus on the beauty of nature hence keeping the design elements that are touched by the human hand simplistic and linear.
The interior architecture is modern and pure following clean cut lines and ample of natural day light present. The mix of a traditional essence is brought forward by certain pieces of furniture which are merged with rustic and modern elements all in one. The kitchen and bathrooms have a complete cleansed and structured design to them. Right angles sharp and plain, almost something that you would see in a modern boutique hotel. Then suddenly you turn a corner look up and see a beautiful ceiling light bracketed to the top giving out a warm light from a past era. The artwork in the residence is mostly of modern themes
and they are hung in spaces were bamboo furniture coexists with curvaceous plastic. All of these fixtures exist into this residence with the prime presence of one colour. White. White furniture, upholstery, bathroom fixtures, accessories linen basically everything. A colour that symbolizes purity, hygiene, mother earth and carnet. Once more this choice gives focus to the green surroundings, making all those that reside under this roof appreciate nature and get glorified by its importance.  
This interior can not be categorized under modern, contemporary, traditional or transitional. It is quite particular and incorporates many elements of different styles which coexist in one interior. This residence is an example indicating that when you have a clean cut structure the owner can introduce his personal style whatever that may be in a controlled order that makes it work. 


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