Broadway Station

Commercial–Broadway Station (formerly Broadway Station and Commercial Drive Station, separately) is located on an elevated portion of the Expo Line and an at-grade portion of the Millennium Line, a part of Metro Vancouver's SkyTrain rapid transit system.


Commercial–Broadway Station is located just east of the intersection of Broadway and Commercial Drive in East Vancouver. Part of the station is elevated over East Broadway, while another part is located deep within the Grandview Cut south of Grandview Highway North. The two parts are connected via an elevator and skyway. It is on the outskirts of Vancouver's Little Italy district.


Commercial–Broadway Station is a merger of two existing stations: Broadway Station on the Expo Line and Commercial Drive Station of the Millennium Line.

Broadway Station was built in 1985 on part of the original Expo Line. It has been one of the system's busiest stations, and in 2002, became a transfer point to the Millennium Line via the connected Commercial Drive Station. In 2008, work began on renovating the station in which a new entrance was added on the south side of the station, the old elevator was replaced and relocated, and the traditional mesh paneling on the ground-level was refitted with glass. These upgrades were completed in 2009.

Commercial Drive Station was built in 2002 as the temporary terminus of the first segment of the Millennium Line, with connections to Broadway Station of the Expo Line. The Millennium Line has since been extended westbound by 3/4 kilometres, out of the Grandview Cut to VCC–Clark.

The two stations were formally renamed on September 7, 2009 due to concern over potential confusion with Broadway – City Hall Station of the newly opened Canada Line. Commercial Drive Station became platforms 1 and 2 of the new station, while Broadway Station became platforms 3 and 4.

  • The four platforms of Commercial–Broadway station are numbered as follows:
  • Commercial–Broadway Station is a major connection point for TransLink bus routes that run along Broadway, including the #9 trolley bus and the #99 B-Line, a special bus with limited stops with direct access to the University of British Columbia.
  • There is an A&W, a Shoppers Drug Mart, and a Blenz Coffee at ground level.
  • Prior to upgrading of Broadway Station between 2008 and 2009, the station contained the "Broadway Smoke Shoppe", "The Exchange", and the "Vancouver Ticket Centre" -- three small convenience and retail outlets introduced as part of a retail programme established with the opening of SkyTrain in 1986.


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