Bridgeport Covered Bridge

The Bridgeport Covered Bridge is located in Bridgeport, California, southwest of French Corral. It is used as a pedestrian crossing over the South Yuba River. The bridge was designed by David Ingefield Wood, and built in 1862. Its lumber came from Plum Valley in Sierra County, California. While reputed to be the longest single-span wooden covered bridge in the United States, other sources claim that the Old Blenheim Bridge is the longest such bridge.

Historic landmark
The bridge was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1971, and it is also a California Registered Historical Landmark No. 390. There are three plaques at the site. The inscription on the marker placed in 1964 reads: "Built in 1862 by David Isaac John Wood with lumber from his mill in Sierra County, this bridge was part of the Virginia Turnpike Company toll road which served the northern mines and the busy Nevada Comstock Lode. Utilizing a combination truss and arch construction, it is one of the oldest housed spans in the west and the longest single-span wood-covered bridge in the United States." The Nevada County, California website that claims Bridgeport Covered Bridge is the longest single span wooden covered bridge also claims it is a National Historic Landmark. However, the National Historic Landmark search system does not report on the existence of this bridge as a National Historic Landmark.

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