Brandon Shores Generating Station

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Brandon Shores Generating Station
The Brandon Shores Generating Station is an electric generating station located on Fort Smallwood Drive north of Orchard Beach in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, near Glen Burnie, and is operated by the Constellation Power Source Generation subsidiary of Constellation Energy Group. Brandon Shores consists of two Babcock and Wilcox coal-fired boilers and two General Electric steam turbines with a combined nominal generating capacity of 1370 MWe. Unit 1 went into operation in May 1984 and Unit 2 in May 1991. The station shares a 483-acre (1.95 km 2) site adjacent to the Patapsco River with the Herbert A. Wagner Generating Station. The Brandon Shores plant dominates the site with its 700-foot (210 m) exhaust and 400-foot (120 m) flue gas desulfurization (FGD) system stacks.

Coal delivery
The Brandon Shores and Wagner Generating Stations consume approximately 4.8 million tons of coal annually. Coal for both stations is delivered by barge. Although there is a railroad spur into the site, it is unused and would require improvements to restore it to an operational state.

In order to meet Maryland requirements for reductions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and mercury, the plant was substantially renovated between 2007 and 2010. A new 400 feet (120 m) twin FGD stack was built to replace the existing 700 feet (210 m) stacks, which have been capped and are inoperative. Flue gas from the boilers is routed through the emissions control system that sprays the exhaust with a limestone slurry and collects gypsum for use in wallboard and fly ash for use in concrete. The system uses treated municipal wastewater from the Anne Arundel County Cox Creek wastewater treatment plant as the source of water for making the limestone slurry.

Dispatch of electricity
The electrical output of Brandon Shores Generating Station is dispatched by the PJM Interconnection regional transmission organization.


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