Bramalea City Centre
The Bramalea City Centre is an indoor shopping mall located in the city of Brampton, Ontario, Canada. With over a million square feet of retail space and more than 280 outlets, it is one of Canada's largest shopping malls. Regarded as a super regional mall, the Bramalea City Centre has a market of more than 500,000 residents and attracts 12 million visitors annually. Since opening its doors to the public in the 1970s, the Bramalea City Centre has been an important retail hub for the city of Brampton, pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy. Extensive renovation and expansion have improved the mall's atmosphere. In 2005, the Bramalea City Centre was congratulated by Brampton's mayor and council for the success of these renovations. The Bramalea City Centre is located at 25 Peel Centre Drive, near the intersection of Queen Street and Dixie Road. It is just east of Highway 410. Brampton Transit's Bramalea Terminal was moved in 2010 from its original site on the southeast side of the mall to a location to the north, to accommodate the Züm bus rapid transit service on Queen Street.

Major retailers
  • The Bay ( 131,438 sq ft (12,211 m²))
  • Best Buy ( 31,108 sq ft (2,890 m²))
  • Metro ( 63,809 sq ft (5,928 m²))
  • Old Navy ( 21,010 sq ft (1,952 m²))
  • FreshCo ( 25,989 sq ft (2,414 m²))
  • Sears ( 157,156 sq ft (14,600 m²))
  • Sport Chek ( 22,512 sq ft (2,091 m²))
  • Zellers ( 120,815 sq ft (11,224 m²))


In the 1960s, when Bramalea existed as an independent town, area planners implemented a masterplan to oversee local development. Included in this masterplan was a series of residential areas, industrial development, open parks, and amongst other things, a central shopping centre. An eighty-five acre site, situated in the heart of Bramalea, was designated for mall development. Bramalea Limited, a local real estate developer, began mall construction towards the end of the decade on what was then the largest retail development in North America. Construction was completed in 1973, as the surrounding landscape experienced rapid change as the result of a population boom. The Bramalea City Centre had its grand opening on March 28, 1973, with 160 outlets"this was only four years after Brampton's first mall, Shoppers World Brampton, opened its doors in 1969. Although Bramalea later became part of the city of Brampton during a 1974 amalgamation, the Bramalea City Centre, Brampton's largest mall, retained the name of the original community in which it was built. Mall expansion continued throughout the 1980s and 1990s under Bramalea Limited ownership and operation.

New ownership & renovation

Singer-songwriter Jason Collett commented on Bramalea City Centre's shady side: "The only real culture was at the Bramalea City Centre before they cleaned it up. It was this centre of drug trade for Ontario, because you could fly small planes into Orangeville, so there was this really cool underbelly, interesting and dangerous. But that's not what the suburbs are supposed to be about, so they cleaned it up." The Bramalea City Centre was acquired by Canadian real estate firm Morguard Investments Limited in 2002. In 2004 under the new ownership, the mall underwent a $26 million reconstruction to improve all common areas. The renovation, commencing in February of that year, transformed the mall into a more vibrant, aesthetically pleasing open shopping environment"adding automated kiosks, improved lighting, ceilings, floors, furnishings, increased security, and accessibility for shoppers; the renovation was completed in eight months, a majority of which was done during the night while the mall was closed. Additional renovation projects were carried out in 2005 and 2006, revamping the food court, escalators, and other areas of the mall. Petroff Partnership Architects was in charge of the redesign; construction was carried out by Vanbots Construction. Morguard has spent over $30 million in mall improvements.

2010 Expansion
A $102 million expansion project is currently underway at the Bramalea City Centre. The 3-year project will create 417,292 square feet (38,767.7 m 2) of underground parking space, add an additional 323,415 square feet (30,046.2 m 2) of retail area on two levels, and relocate loading docks and chiller units. As of November 2010, the expansion has been opened to the public, though some tenants are still in the process of moving in.

Construction timeline 1973: Mall and convenience centre opens to the public 1981: Second floor of mall, food court, and public entrances completed 1991: Brampton Transit's Bramalea Transit Centre opened, lower parking lot on south side renovated to provide more spaces, with removal of all buses, and safe walkway to Transit Centre. 2004: Full renovation of all common areas 2005/2006: Additional renovation of common space; installation of new escalators

Building Activity

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