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Harrow Planning Committee Members gives the green light on the 12th of January, to an Origin Housing Group affordable housing scheme designed by YOOP Architects.

The 14 unit scheme of 4 houses and 10 flats marks a distinct change in approach championed by YOOP Architects to provide housing focused on the issues of ‘liveable homes’ with ‘people first architecture’.

Its ‘people first architecture’, delivers for people now and the future, with low running and maintaince costs. The scheme will be quiet and private for both the resident and wider community, a true sustainable and respectful developement for people.

The scheme focuses on quality private amenity space and noise. The front of the building has a screen type wall which mediates between the street and homes. This allows residents to feel as if they are not on show. Balconies have been screened with a vertical louver type pattern to allow residents to see out but others not to see in. The screen solution also respects the wider community to screen any items on balconies which can negatively disrupt the visual appearance of a scheme. Noise between dwellings is a contemporary issue with increased densities. The scheme returns to very robust solid construction so residents can enjoy music while not affecting their neighbour.


The scheme has a high sustainabiltiy pedigree, not from lots of clever gadgets but from a very simple 'fabric first approach'. The building has such good insulation that heating the homes will be minimal. This addresses fuel poverty and running costs. The scheme is also a fully electric proposal. Electrical devices are becoming more efficient year on year. This also eliminates any maintenance of gas systems and services. As such services charges to the building will be some of the lowest available.

Client: Origin Housing Group
Planning Consultant: Preston Bennett
Landscape Design: DCLA


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    Is really nice scheme! I wish to see more of this on our streets
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    Inside housing has made this Development of the Week! Inside Housing is a key publication for social housing.
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    I agree with the 'liveable' sentiment, its the way forward.
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