Boot House
Platform 5 Architects have won planning permission for the “Boot House”, an infill three bedroom house arranged around a courtyard garden on a tight Islington plot flanked by traditional terraced housing. The site has an intriguing background, currently storing architectural antiques, it was formally occupied by a chapel which was subsequently used as an abattoir. The house is boot shaped in plan and section; the new three storey “shaft” of the boot faces onto the street, in-filling the three metre wide slot between the adjacent townhouses. To the rear, the two storey “toe”, designed within the existing building’s envelope, pops up out of the back gardens to obtain long views down the back of the terraces without overlooking the neighbouring properties. The street façade, clad with glazed white tiles, is conceived of as an inlay between the two adjacent terraces. The size and proportion of the flush glazing pattern makes reference to the sash window panes of the neighbouring properties. At certain times of day, the backlit stairwell glows in memory of the gap, illuminating the façade when the rest of the street is in shadow.


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